Coaching Tip - October 2011

    Selecting the correct Tennis Racquet for your game

    The Tennis racquet you select will have an impact on the way that you play the game of tennis.

    Do your research

    • Use the internet to gather information about the racquets available by a number of the popular well known brands as well as to keep up with the latest releases
    • Ask your coach for advice about the racquet(s)  that would be suitable for you and your game style
    • Your local tennis pro shop or club professional tennis coach may have demo racquets you can try “live” so that you select one or two models for further trials
    • The internet is also helpful to compare racquet prices and offers the option of purchasing online vs. local sports store 

    Helpful Hints that you need to know before purchasing a Tennis Racquet

    Price should not necessarily be a factor

    • Do not assume that a more expensive racquet has to be a better quality than a cheaper model
    • Select a racquet to suit your  budget
    • Always try before you buy

    Select the right Racquet size
    The length and weight of a tennis racquet are important factors.
    If your racquet is too short or too long in length or too light or too heavy in weight you will not be able to play as well. Your game is affected dramatically.

    • Younger Junior players or children should use modified or shorter and lighter racquets which are designed specifically to allow them to play with low compression tennis balls on a modified court.
    • Women and many junior players play with a lighter weighted racquet which is more suitable than a heavier frame.
    • Many adult Male and older Junior Boys use a heavier racquet
    • There are exceptions to the above so seek the advice of your Club professional or local Sports store to assist you select the length and weight of racquet that is suitable for you

    Racquet balance is important
    If you are a beginner or Intermediate player then select a racquet that is perfectly balanced i.e. the weight is evenly distributed between the head and handle.

    • This will give  you more control and allow you to generate more power from your swing
    • Check out the balance on the strung racquets at your nearest Pro shop

    Get a grip that fits
    The size of the grip does matter as it can affect the way you hit the ball.

    • If the grip is too big then you will not be able to hold onto the racquet therefore not allowing you to hit the shots you would like
    • Too small a grip can cause muscle strain and even tennis elbow
    • Check with your club Pro or Pro Shop so that you can select the grip size suitable for you
    • Junior racquets are modified with smaller grip size as well as length
    • Most popular Racquet brands have a range of grip sizes to cater for Junior players as well as Female and Male players from beginners through to tournament players at the highest level
    • Many higher grade or tournament players use over grips to build up the grip size and make it easier to keep their grip on their racquet at all times

    Regular players replace these over grips before each match while the professional will change the grip many times during a match
    Be careful not to build the grip size up too much so that you lose control when hitting the ball.

    I hope that you find the hints outlined above of some assistance when purchasing your next Tennis racquet.
    Selecting the correct racquet can help you with your confidence so that you are able enjoy your matches and play to your ability and as a result get the results that you deserve.

    Tennis the game of a lifetime

    Contact me by Email if you have any comments or helpful Tennis hints.
    Let me know the things that work for you.

    Coach Steve