Term 1 Junior Group Tennis Coaching 2019

Get a HEAD start to Tennis
Good coaching in small groups at a reasonable price.

At the Campbelltown Tennis Club (CTC) a division of the Campbelltown Tennis Netball Club in Emery Road at Campbelltown in Adelaide, South Australia except for the Wednesday sessions which are the EDTA courts in Samuel Street at Tranmere.


  • Individual - $135 per Junior for a 9 week term with 1 lesson per week
  • Family - special rate $320 for a family with 3 or more sibling (same family) Juniors for an 9 week term with 1 lesson per week

You may register for more than 1 group coaching session per week, however the additional charge(s) will apply.

Coaches - Steve and assistant coaches Olga, Jian, Sylvia, Chelsea, Anna and Nicole as required.

Groups - Wherever possible there will be a maximum of 4 juniors per coach.

Low compression Red / Orange / Green tennis balls will be used for beginners and low grade match players.  These sessions now cater for the 3 to 5 year olds who want to have fun while learning some basic tennis skills.

Sessions - All Group coaching lessons are 45 minute sessions
Catering for all standards within each session time.

Please note that due to Netball requirements that the Wednesday sessions are at Samuel Street in Tranmere and there limited times available at campbelltown on Mondays and Fridays.

The session times on offer for Term 1 in 2019 are listed below.
The go ahead for the sessions will depend on the numbers registered in that session and the availability of coaches.

Monday commencing on 28th January  
4.00 pm
4.45 pm

Tuesday commencing on 29th January
4.00 pm
4.45 pm
5.30 pm
6.15 pm

Wednesday commencing on 30th January
At the courts in Samuel Street at Tranmere
4.00 pm
4.45 pm
5.30 pm
6.15 pm
7.00 pm

Thursday commencing on 31st January
4.00 pm
4.45 pm
5.30 pm
6.15 pm

Friday commencing on 1st February
4.00 pm

Saturday commencing on 2nd February
8.30 am
9.15 am
10.00 am
10.45 am

Sunday commencing on 3rd February
 9.00 am
 9.45 am
10.30 am
11.15 am

There are vacancies in all the sessions offered so let your friends know about our coaching program.
Please register by return email for the session(s) of your choice.
I will then send out an invoice for payment at your earliest convenience.
Alternatively let me know if you are not continuing with group coaching in term 1 in 2019.

Contact me if you have any queries re tennis coaching at the Campbelltown Tennis Club (CTC) a division of the Campbelltown Tennis and Netball Club or if you know of any Junior and/or Senior players wanting to play competition tennis during the remainder of the 2018/19 Summer Tennis season and/or the Winter 2019 Tennis season.

Club Professional Tennis Coach – Tennis Australia (TA) accredited
TA Talent Development Coach
Club Coach at the Campbelltown Tennis Club  
Mobile 0403 184 383

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