Coaching Tip - April 2011

    Select the correct Tennis Shoes

    Help to prevent injury

    Tennis players do not always choose the correct footwear and are often influenced by price and the shoe with a multipurpose when purchasing their tennis shoes.
    It is important to wear shoes made specifically for tennis because they are designed for the stop and start lateral movements involved in playing the game of tennis.
    Your tennis shoes need to be matched to the anatomy of your feet, allowing for your orthotic inserts if you wear them and the type of surface you will be playing on in order to achieve efficient and injury-free movement on the court.

    Different soles for different surfaces

    Consult your Physio or the expert at your local sports store

    • There are tennis shoes designed specifically for hard courts with non marking soles
    • The indoor shoe has a smoother flat sole and is designed to play on carpet and wooden floors
    • The tennis shoe for playing on a grass court should have a sole with extra grip or tiny plastic studs for extra traction
    • Tennis shoes with a herringbone sole are specifically designed to give the best traction on clay courts

    Avoiding Injury

    Wear the tennis shoe designed for the court surface you are playing on

    • When you purchase tennis shoes make sure that they are not too tight
    • Take your orthotic inserts so you can try the shoe with the inserts
    • Wear thick cotton socks to absorb sweat and help to prevent blisters
    • Some players wear 2 pairs of socks for extra comfort
    • Don’t wear running shoes or trainers as these shoes are not designed for tennis
    • They do have a durable toe cap and sole to protect your feet from the rigours of the tennis game

    What to look for in a Tennis Shoe

    Use the information below as guide so that you can check out tennis shoes before purchasing

    • Check out the shoes labelled Tennis Shoes
    • Look at the well known brands


    • Tennis shoes are reinforced at the toes to prevent rapid wear and tear
    • Tennis players often drag their front foot when serving


    • Tennis shoes have leather or mesh uppers so that your feet can breathe and provide support for the foot and ankle


    • Tennis shoes have padding on the shoe upper and the tongue supports the foot and protects the foot from blisters and chafing

    Arch support

    • Reinforced arches support the foot and ankle helping to combat arch fatigue
    • This support is vital during the player’s quick movements particularly when going forward

    Heel Support

    • The extra cushioning in the heel protects the foot from the continual jarring and pounding during a tennis match

    Side reinforcement

    • The reinforced side of the tennis shoe helps to keep the shoes in shape keeping the foot supported when the player moves quickly to short or wide balls or when sliding to reach a ball on a clay court

    I hope that you take note of the often overlooked information outlined above and purchase Tennis shoes specifically designed for the court surface that you play on.

    In this way you will wear tennis shoes that not only help to provide comfort but help to prevent injury.

    Tennis the game of a lifetime

    Contact me by Email if you have any comments or helpful hints in regard to purchasing Tennis shoes and helping to prolong their life.

    Let me know the things that work for you.

    Coach Steve