Coaching Tip - March 2011

    Strategies and tactics for playing Tennis

    All Tennis players need to regularly work on their skills both mental and physical so that their Tennis game continues to improve.
    Check out the hints below.

    Come out to play
    The way that you play during a match ie well or poorly may be decided by the way that you prepare for the match.
  • Correct tennis attire for the conditions
  • Bring equipment, drinks etc
  • Focus on the match
  • Calm during the match
  • Positive attitude
  • It is therefore important that you have prepared yourself in all ways for your tennis match or training to bring out your best effort on court.

    During a tennis match errors will usually outnumber the winners by a huge margin.
  • To improve your tennis game practice your rally skills keeping the ball in play to reduce the number of unforced errors.

  • Control
    Power and control are opposites
  • Hit your groundstrokes with more spin and less power to give you the control helping to reduce the number of errors.
  • Remember that hitting the ball harder usually reduces control and increases the number of errors.

    Many players hit the ball directly back to their opponent
  • During a rally try to hit the ball away from your opponent moving him/her from side to side.
  • The direction and placement of your shots during the match will go a long way towards deciding whether you win or lose the match.

    Playing to your strengths
    Try to play the match the way that you like to play using your best shot(s) to help you develop a winning game.
  • During the match make adjustments to any shots that are a weakness.
  • Don't beat yourself by making the same mistakes over again.

    Good Shot selection
    Playing the right shot at the right time is the key to winning tennis
  • Defend when the ball is deep or you are off balance or out of position
  • Attack when you get a short ball
  • Trying to hit winners from all parts of the court is the main source of unforced errors so practice selecting the right shot during a rally.

    Match Concentration
    Stay with your match plan
  • A weaker player can defeat a stronger player by using more effective tactics, better anticipation, keeping the ball in play and retaining concentration throughout the match.
  • Work on your concentration during practice sessions

  • Playing well under pressure
    The successful players learn how to play well under pressure
  • Stay focussed
  • Practice by playing against better players under match conditions

  • To become a good tennis player you must develop good techniques and sound tactics for tennis.
    I hope that the hints above will help you develop those skills.

    Tennis the game of a lifetime

    Contact me by email if you have any comments or helpful hints to build or retain your self-confidence.
    Let me know the things that work for you.

    Steve James
    HEAD coach