Coaching Tip - June 2012

    Rally the ball

    To improve your consistency

    When playing tennis a rally occurs when you and your opponent(s) keep the ball in play consistently hitting it backwards and forwards over the net.
    Rallying the ball is a fundamental strategy when playing tennis and must be practised.

    Most tennis players however are not satisfied to just keep the ball in play and become anxious to end the point as earlier as possible by going for a big winner hit close to the lines.

    Fundamentals of rallying

    • Keep the ball in play
    • Improve your consistency
    • Chase down as many balls as possible
    • Make your opponent play that extra shot
    • Let your opponent take the risks

    During a match or training session learn to play smart by adopting the basic fundamentals outlined above.

    Rally so that you can take the advantage

    • After a serve or return hit your shots cross court to the longest part of the court thereby making it harder for your opponent to hit into the open court
    • Aim to hit your shots about half a metre inside the lines to reduce your errors
    • Hit topspin to clear the net by a metre so that your shots land deeper into the court making difficult for your opponent to attack
    • Explore your opponent’s weakness(es)
    • Vary the spin topspin or slice, direction to forehand or backhand, length short or deep and power from rally ball or put away to keep your opponent guessing
    • Put pressure on your opponent by taking advantage of any short returns or serves by hitting the ball away for a winner into the open court

    Experiment by using these rallying tactics during your training sessions so that they become a part of your game play on match day.

    I hope that you can adopt the coaching tips above so that you can become more consistent and as a result take your tennis game to the next level.
    Try not to confuse yourself by thinking too much.
    Keep it Simple.
    Relax and let it happen

    Let me know if you can think of any other options to help you achieve a more consistent and effective game.

    Tennis the game of a lifetime

    Contact me by Email if you have any comments or helpful Tennis hints.

    Let me know the things that work for you.

    Coach Steve