Coaching Tip - February 2012

    Restringing Your Tennis Racquet(s)

    How often and when?

    Many Social or casual players as well as match players restring their tennis racquet only when they have to i.e. when they break a string or strings.
    However as a guide it is suggested that your racquet should be restrung as many times per year as you play per week.
    Therefore if you train or play three (3) times per week then you should restring your racquet three (3) times per year.

    More than 1 Tennis Racquet required
    Tennis players who play regular matches or tournaments should apply a guide similar to that used for restringing when purchasing their tennis racquets to organise their tennis kit.
    Therefore if you train or play 3 (3) times a week then you should have three (3) tennis racquets ready for action in your tennis bag at courtside.
    These racquets should ideally

    • be the same brand and model
    • have the same weight
    • have the same grip size
    • be strung at the same tension

    There may be some benefit for the player to have a short hit with each racquet prior to their match or tournament so that he/she can get the feel of each racquet.
    There can be minor differences between each tennis racquet.

    Check out your Tennis Racquet(s) before every training, tournament or match
    Tennis players should get into the habit of checking the strings of each racquet as well as the grips after every training, tournament or match.
    This will give you as much time as possible to organise a restring.
    The things to look out for are

    • worn and/or frayed strings
    • strings partially cut through
    • strings becoming loose particularly on the outside of the string pattern
    • strings moving considerably when hitting topspin shots during rallies

    In addition you may notice that your strings have less feel or touch and/or a loss of power during a match, tournament or training.

     If you notice any of the above signs then your strings are wearing so it would be a good idea to get your tennis racquet(s) restrung before your next hit.

    I hope that you will find the hints re how often and when to restring your tennis racquet(s) of some assistance.

    Tennis the game of a lifetime

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    Coach Steve