Coaching Tip - April 2012


    To your Advantage

    Many tennis players go out for a hit regularly but often do not practice their serve.

    Every Tennis point begins with a serve so players should practice and improve their serve to gain the advantage.
    The most important thing with serving is to get a good first serve in to

    • Put pressure on your opposition
    • Avoid serving second serves
    • Avoid serving double faults

    When you have missed your first serve

    • You  need to serve a second serve
    • The pressure is then on you
    • This increases the chances of hitting a double fault

    Players should learn to vary their serve so that they can change the direction of the serve to different areas of the service box without serving double faults.
    This will make it difficult for your opponent and keep them guessing.

    Tactics to win your points on serve

    • The sun can restrict your vision when serving.

    Adjust your ball toss and serving motion to minimize the effects of the sun on your serving game.

    • Similarly adjustments need to be made when serving in the wind.


    • Hitting an ace is the quickest way to win a point Use your flat serve and aim for the corners or lines

    Just remember that if you miss then the pressure is on you to hit the second serve in and avoid hitting a double fault

    • Varying your serve to either corner of the service box will keep your opponent guessing. Your opponent will then have to move or stretch to play their returns.
    • Aim for your opponent’s body to cramp their returns.

    Your opponent will then have no time to get into position or adjust to play his/her return.

    • Exploit your opponent’s weakness(es)

    Serve to the weakness and make your opponent play his/her weakest shots regularly. For example it may be the backhand but it could also be a high ball on the forehand.

    • Keep your ball arm up when serving to avoid hitting your serve into the net

    This gives you more chance to get the serve over the net and in.
    If your serve is going long consistently then use your wrist to get the topspin required to bring the serve down into the service box.

    • During a match visualize (think about) your tactics before serving each point.

    For example slice your serve out wide on the forehand court and then hit the expected weak return into the open court.

    I hope that you can adopt the coaching tips above and use them to serve to your advantage.
    Try not to confuse yourself by thinking too much.
    Keep it Simple.

    Let me know if you can think of any other options to help you Serve to your advantage.

    Let me know if you can think of any other options.

    Tennis the game of a lifetime

    Contact me by Email if you have any comments or helpful Tennis hints.

    Let me know the things that work for you.

    Coach Steve