Coaching Tip - November 2019

    Double Handed Backhand
    Turn your weakness into a strength

    Many tennis players particularly at Club level have a good Forehand but their Backhand is a less reliable.
    In fact they have so little confidence in the stroke that they wherever possible run around to hit a forehand.
    There are a few tips that will hopefully help you improve your two handed Backhand.

    Use the Correct Grip
    This tip seems obvious but many players are using the wrong grip and maybe don’t know it.
    • The recommended grip is for your both hands to be at the lower end of the racquet handle
    Your dominant hand – the right for a right hander and viceversa – should have the Continental grip at the bottom of the grip with the other hand just above the dominant hand with an Eastern Forehand grip.
    There will be some variations but is recommended that both hands are together slightly touching.
    Get into position early
    • React early to get into position
    With two hands on the racquet it is easy to turn the shoulders to help with the Backswing.
    Your body and feet should move into the side on position ready to hit the Backhand
    The feet should be in a neutral or slightly closed position at this stage to allow a longer swing and more body involvement during the shot.
    Swing low to high up to contact
    • The Two handed backhand groundstroke generally has a flatter trajectory than the forehand stroke but if your backswing has a slight loop you can hit from slightly below the ball up through the contact point and the follow through.
    This will give you clearance over the net.
    On the more defensive Two handed backhands you can use your top hand (left for right handers abd viceversa) to brush up the back of the ball to get more spin and height over the height and depth into the court.
    With the correct follow through your left elbow – for a right hander and viceversa – will be pointing to the direction that you are hitting the ball at the completion of the swing.
    • You can think too much on court and once that happens your game falls apart
    Try to relax, Play the game and let it happen.
    Your swing will be a lot freer and the stroke will flow off the racquet.

    It is essential that you put in time on court to practice the tips outlined above so that your Muscle memory will take over during your matches.
    In this way your Two Handed Backhand will go from being a liability to becoming a weapon that will
    help you to win more matches and improve your ranking.

    Enjoy Tennis the game of a lifetime

    Steve James
    HEAD coach