Coaching Tip - November 2017

    Muscle Memory
    Use this concept to improve your Tennis

    Muscle memory can help Tennis players of all levels – Social and competitive - to play better Tennis.
    Players must firstly understand the concept of muscle memory and apply it during their coaching/training sessions so that it happens naturally during the pressure of competition.

    The concept of muscle Memory
    Muscle memory is a precise mechanism and it comes into being as a result of the player training in a way that they would like to play.
    The repetition involved in hitting the many different Tennis strokes will be stored via muscle memory in the brain’s computer system which then instructs the body on how to perform the action required.
    The stroke must be performed in the correct way for many thousands of times before it becomes a part of muscle memory.
    The player must therefore train at the same intensity as that required during a tournament or competitive match to enhance the true benefits of Muscle memory.

    How to train your Muscle memory
    Tennis players should in conjunction with their coach make sure that they are hitting with the correct technique for all of their Tennis strokes.
    In this way the correct Muscle memory for each stroke will be adopted.
    Conversly if you have been regularly hitting a particular stroke with a poor technique this incorrect action will be ingrained into your muscle memory.
    The player will find it very difficult to change and it involves correcting the technique via coaching and then hitting many thousands of strokes in the correct way before the Muscle memory is updated.
    This can be often be a diicult and long drawn out process.

    Muscle memory can improve your tennis strokes and result in you playing a better brand of Tennis
    and it is important to remember that the concept can be adopted by all levels of Social and competitive Tennis players.

    I hope that you have found this article on Muscle memory of interest and that it inspires you to train using this concept in an attempt to take your game to the next level.

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    Tennis the game of a lifetime
    Enjoy your Tennis experience