Coaching Tip - September 2019

    Adopt these Tactics and Strategies
    To win more Singles

    The key is to put pressure on your opponent so that he/she will make more errors during the match.

    The following Tactics/Strategies should benefit your Tennis game
    • Construct each point
    Rally to stay in the point until you get an opportunity to set up a winning opportunity
    Shot selection is the key.
    • Play your game
    Know your limitations
    Use your most reliable strokes to pressure your opponent
    Defend when the need arises
    • During the match be flexible and resilient
    You will soon find out what strokes are working for you on the day and similarly be aware of the strokes that are not
    All players have bad patches during a match so make adjustments wherever possible to avoid hitting the strokes that are letting you down
    Hang in there and don’t get discouraged when you find yourself going through a bad patch
    • Try to find and exploit your opponent’s weaknesses
    Hopefully you are able to able to scout your opponent before the match
    or if that is not possible use the warm up to identify their strengths and weaknesses

    Tactics to use during your matches
    • If your opponent’s groundstrokes are strong on one side and weak on the other
    Hone in on the weaker side when playing the big (important) points
    • If your opponent is not co-ordinated, slow or out of condition run him/her around
    In a combination of shots that will move them from side to side, back & forward and forward & back to explore their limitations in these areas
    • Against taller opponents hit slice shots to keep the ball low thus making them bend
    • A shorter opponent can be exploited by hitting slower topspin shots with more elevation so he/she has to make contact with the ball around shoulder to head height
    • With an opponent who is uncomfortable near the end drop the ball short so that you can hit a passing shot, lob over their head or make them play a high volley or smash
    • Your opponent may like the pace on your harder shots so vary the pace from slow to medium with topspin to keep them guessing
    When playing againsy any opponent it is important to disguise your shots and vary the placement as deception will win as many points as sheer power.

    You will need to practice these tactics and strategies so take a friend out on court to have a trial before you reveal your newfound singles game for real in a match or tournament.

    Enjoy playing tennis, the game of a lifetime.

    Coach Steve