Coaching Tip - July 2021

    Winning Points in a Tennis game
    Hopefully Tennis Players know these Winning ways

    There seems to be a lot less ways to win a point than to lose a point during a tennis match so hopefully players at club level – Junior, Senior and Social – are unaware of these tennis rules.
    I thought however that I would outline these rules in case there are players who need a refresher.

    When the Serve has started it is game on and it is all about how players go about winning the points and hopefully the match.
    These are some of the ways to win points in Tennis
    The more common ways
    • Serving an Ace or Unreturnable Serve
    • Hitting the ball over the net during a rally and it bounces twice on the other side of the net
    The others are
    • Forcing your opponent into making an error
    • During a rally your opponent doesn’t hit the ball into court as an unforced error
    • Your opponent hits the serve before it bounces or it hits him/her before it bounces
    • Your opponent volleys the ball from behind the baseline but the return didn’t go over the net into the court
    • Your opponent hit the ball before it passed over the net.

    There are a number of ways that to win a point.
    Can you think of any others?

    Try not to confuse yourself by thinking too much.
    Keep it Simple. Relax and let it happen

    Tennis the game of a lifetime

    Contact me by Email if you have any comments or helpful Tennis hints.
    Let me know the things that work for you.

    Coach Steve