Coaching Tip - May 2019

    Good Practice Habits
    Are a must

    Tennis players must in addition to their Private lessons and Squad training find time on court to put into practice the techniques and tactics learnt during these sessions.
    The magic formula is that for every hour Private/squad training you need to spend 4 hours on the practice court.

    Developing Good Practice Habits
    Practice should help to develop and improve your tennis game
    • Set reachable, finite goals to assist your improvement
    Train and play to improve not just to win
    For example developing a more consistent forehand with power will probably be more achievable than having a goal of being the number 1 player in your club or the world
    • Train with intensity not casual
    Practice the things that will be useful during match play
    Chase every ball
    Never let the ball bounce twice
    Keep your mind on the game at hand
    Shut out all distractions
    • Hit every ball with a purpose in mind
    Aim the ball to an particular area in the court
    Don’t just hit the ball anywhere
    • Visualise your shots
    Imagine the perfect placement for your shots in practice and matches
    In your mind see how your shot will look and feel
    • Use shadow swings ie practicing your shots without a ball in slow motion
    To help groove your shots
    Practice your shots in front of a mirror to improve your balance and smoothness of swing and develop the muscle memory essential to hone your tennis strokes
    • Power and Control are opposites
    So remind yourself that hitting the ball harder will probably give you less control and result in more errors.
    During training concentrate on hitting with more spin to increase your control and reduce the number of errors

    I hope that the tips above will help you develop some good practice habits that work for you.
    Your match results will start to swing your way and your ranking should improve.

    Enjoy playing tennis, the game of a lifetime.

    Coach Steve