Coaching Tip - April 2019

    Tennis Forehand
    Your non hitting hand is crucial

    The Forehand of many Tennis players is not as good as it could be because the non hitting hand doesn’t work with the stroke.
    In many cases the non hitting hand moves off in the opposite direction or hangs limply at the waist.

    Improve your Forehand by involving your non hitting hand

    • Ready position
      • When in the ready position your non hitting hand should be holding the racquet on or near the throat.
    • Racquet preparation in the Backswing
      • As the ball approaches your non hitting hand helps to push the racquet back to the Forehand side and turn the shoulders at the same time so that you are ready to hit the ball before it bounces.
        The non hitting hand is still on the racquet thoat at this stage
    • Separation Phase
      • When you are in position the hands separate as the racquet moves forward towards the ball.
        Your non hitting hand is at this stage pointing to the court sideline with the palm facing the ground helping your legs to keep you balanced
    • Contact Phase
      • As contact approaches your non hitting hand moves with the shot on the forehand side of the body
        i.e if your left hand is the non hitting hand then it should move to the left side of the body and vice versa if it is your right hand
    • Follow through phase
      • To assist with your Racquet follow through your non hitting hand will move from just in front on the forehand side to the opposite side of your body either palm down at your waist or higher up so that you can catch your racquet at the end of the follow through.
        The first option will make sure that the hand doesn’t intefere with the racquet swing and the second will ensure that you follow through with enough acceleration to cross over from one side of the body to the other.
        Try both options to see if you have a preference.

    I hope this coaching tip will help you improve your forehand so that it becomes a weapon during your tennis matches.

    Enjoy playing tennis, the game of a lifetime.

    Coach Steve