Coaching Tip - January 2023

Wearing Sunglasses for Tennis
Fashion or Practical
To wear or not to wear them

There are some tennis players who like to wear sunglasses as a fashion statement with different coloured frames and/or lenses to match their outfit of the day.
On the pro tour there a few players for example Samantha Stosur and Viktor Troicki who regularly wear sunglasses during their matches.
At club level there are some Adult players wearing sunglasses during matches but very few junior players have adopted sunglasses as a part of their tennis kit.

The practice of wearing sunglasses during matches is not often promoted by parents, coaches and club administrators so many players may not be aware of the pros and cons of wearing sunglasses for tennis.

Consider the Pros and Cons before making your decision on wearing sunglasses

When playing in the direct sunlight Sunglasses
• will provide protection from the sunlight
• will help to avoid the glare
• will improve clarity of vision
• will protect your eyes from dust and other particles

In addition many doctors and eye surgeons recommend using sunglasses to protect the eye from retina damage by the sun and injuries from getting hit in the eye by the ball.

Sunglasses can also be the extra accessory to add to or accentuate the rest of your tennis outfit.

There are some negatives relating to wearing sunglasses when playing tennis matches
When you are moving to the ball the Sunglasses may not be secure
• so that they move around affecting your sight on the ball
• and also as a result affect your concentration during the match
• they may fall off during a rally hindering your movement and may possibly result in you tripping over them not to mention the damage to your sunglasses

To overcome this problem you should add secure elastic type straps to keep your sunglasses on and in position.

In addition your sunglasses may get fogged up by sweat particularly when playing in humid conditions or during long matches
• this can hinder your sight on the ball
• it can also affect your concentration so that you lose focus on the task at hand

Keep some anti fog spray, wipes or tissues in your courtside bag to help overcome the problem.

Sunglasses are at a disadvantage when the sunlight is fading or the court is covered with a mixture of shade and sunlight.
However your normal eyesight without sunglasses will also be affected under these conditions.

Making the decision – Yes or no to wear Sunglasses
In addition to the information above talk to your coach(es), parents and even other players who wear sunglasses for tennis.

After considering the pros and cons you must decide if wearing sunglasses during Tennis matches works for

If yes then you are ready to take the next step.

Selecting Sunglasses for tennis
Do some research via the internet to select some well known brand sunglasses and check them out in store
• regular sunglasses may not necessarily be suitable for tennis match play
• Put them on and test their stability when wearing them even with sudden movement or jumping
• For clear vision and clarity
• Check out the UV rating
• Look at wrap around styles in addition to the normal type

before making your purchase

You may find a good medium price pair of Sunglasses but the old adage that you get what you pay for usually applies.

When you have purchased your sunglasses then it is time to get used to wearing them during a social hit, coaching lessons and training sessions before you wear them during matches.

I hope that the tips re wearing sunglasses for tennis outlined above will help you to decide whether sunglasses will work for you.
Sunglasses can help you overcome the sun and glare factors during your daylight matches in particular and become a part of your regular tennis kit to help you win more matches and as a result take your game to the next level.

Try not to confuse yourself by thinking too much.
Keep it Simple. Relax and let it happen

Let me know if you can think of any other options to help you achieve a more consistent and effective physical and mental game.

Tennis the game of a lifetime

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Coach Steve