Coaching Tip - January 2018

    Keep it Simple
    Play One point at a time

    You can improve your mental strength during a match by learning to play one point at a time.

    • Don’t think about the previous point (won or lost)


    • That the next 2 or 3 points could win or lose the match

    Develop your own individual match routine

    • By trial and error during your coaching and practice sessions

    So that

    • You can use this routine to help you relax during matches

    And allow you to play the point at hand without dwelling on what has happened previously

    Playing One point at a time is the key to improving your mental strength which in turn will have a huge impact on your tennis game.
    Your match results will start to swing your way and your ranking should improve.

    Enjoy playing tennis, the game of a lifetime.

    Please direct any comments to:

    Steve James
    HEAD coach