Coaching Tip - September 2009

Improve your tennis game by adopting three of the basic fundamentals to achieve success:

  • Keep the ball in play
  • The most obvious but the most important tactic in tennis is to improve consistency

  • Play percentage tennis
  • Eighty five (85) % of tennis points are not won but lost as a result of errors either forced or unforced.

    To help eliminate your unforced errors (in general):
    1) 'Hit up through the ball" to impart the topspin necessary to get clearance over the net and depth into the court during rallies
    2) Return the ball in the same direction for safety
    3) Be patient: rally to set up the point before attacking

  • Improve your weakness (es)
  • Ask your coach to look at your technique including footwork
    Get your coach to set up some drills that you can adopt at training and practice to improve your unreliable strokes

See if you can think of other basic fundamentals that will help you achieve success.
Email me with your suggestions or any other queries you might have about tennis.