Coaching Tip - August 2009

There are 5 essential techniques that a player should learn in the order listed to help them improve their tennis skills:

  • Grip
  • The player should learn to use the correct grip and technique for the stroke to get the ball over the net and into the court

  • Direction
  • When comfortable with the grip and technique the player is ready to learn to hit the ball to targeted areas in the court

  • Depth
  • The player is then ready to learn to hit the ball deeper near the baseline to force a short return from an opponent

  • Spin
  • The player can then learn to hit topspin with more height over the net to get more depth and control
    Spin not power can be a player's best friend when rallying during playing tennis matches

  • Power
  • Finally power is added into a player's game to help put the short balls away into the open court