Term 2 Junior Group Tennis Coaching 2018

I am organising a Junior Singles Tennis tournament to be played at the Hectorville Tennis Club – a division of the Hectorville Sports & Community Club (HSCC)

on Friday night 6th and Saturday 7th April with Sunday 8th April as an extra day if required.

To help our Juniors develop their Tennis skills and give them the opportunity to get in some valuable match practice before the Winter season commences on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th May.

Tournament entries close at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 3rd April

Tournament Entry form - Details required

Name __________________________

Date of birth (Juniors)_____________________

Playing level (Junior)______________________

Contact number __________________________

Email address ____________________________

Events - 

1. Girl’s 13 & Under Singles  _________________________ cost $15 each  

2. Boy’s 13 & Under Singles ________________________ cost $15 each      

3. Girl’s 17 & Under Singles ______________________ cost $20 each 

4. Boy’s 17 & Under Singles  ______________________ cost $20 each 

Total cost for Entry (ies) ___________________________________


The Singles events will be played in a round robin format or graded depending on the number and standard of entries.

The 13 & under Singles will be a six game set with a regular 7 point Tie break to be played at 5 games all.

The 17 & Under Singles Matches will be played in a Best of 3 sets format 

With a regular 7 point Tie break to be played at 6 games all in the first two sets and a 10 point Super Tie break to be played if the match is level at 1 set each instead of playing a regular third set.

Entry Guidelines/requirements

The Singles events are designed to help the development of our Hectorville Junior Tennis players but 

Players from outside the club may enter.

Players may enter in one or two Singles events provided they meet the age criteria as at the 8th April.

Players must as in other junior tournaments be available for all programmed times for the tournament.

The tournament schedule will be determined by the number of entries in each event.

As a guide 

The 17 & Under singles matches will commence on Friday night 6th April and continue on Saturday 7th April.

The 13 & Under Singles matches will start on Saturday morning 7th April.

Players will probably have more than 1 match scheduled on the Friday night or Saturday so I will try to schedule times so that there are not large gaps in between.

There will be awards/trophies for the winners and runners up (if sufficient entries) in all events.

Entry fees

13 & under Singles - $15 per player


17 & under Singles - $20 per player

Tournament fees are payable to Steve James Tennis Coaching by cash, cheque or electronic transfer on or before – 

Saturday 7th April.

Let me know if you would like me to send you an Invoice.

Closing date for entries

Please complete the details and register for your Single(s) by return Email.

Tournament entries close at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 3rd April.

I will then have time to do the draws and tournament schedule so that I can let you know the details on the Thursday before the start of the tournament.

Please contact me if you require any further information.

Club Professional Coach – Tennis Australia (TA) accredited
TA Talent Development Coach
HEAD Coach
at HSCC and Seymour College
Mobile 0403 184 383

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