Coaching Tip - August 2019

    Get a Better Sleep
    to Play Better Tennis

    Getting a sound sleep will play an intregal role in helping you to play a better Tennis match.
    I have listed a few pointers which will help you establish a pre sleep routine.
    Are you ready to make changes to your usual night activities before Matches/Tournaments?
    Prepare your mind the night before
    One of the keys to getting a good sleep is having your mind relaxed ready to move into the sleep zone
    About two hours before bed
    • Turn off all screens including computer, phone and TV etc so that you leave all work and other activities involving screens until the next day
    This will allow the release of Melatonin in the brain to help you head in the sleep direction
    • Turn the lights down low and close the blinds throughout the house
    • Have a warm shower to help relax the body
    • Make sure you drink a small amount of cool water to keep you hydated during your sleep
    Turn the Volume down
    When you get home on the evening before a match spend a little time to unwind before preparing for your sleep zone
    • Put on some relaxing music with the volume low
    • If you watch tennis or any other sport on TV, DVD or computer turn the sound to mute or very low to prevent the hype affecting your preparation for sleep
    Adjust the Room temperature
    • I have heard that the optimum temperature for sleep is between 15C and 20C so set the thermostat within that range about an hour before bed to achieve your preferred temperature.
    This will prevent the room temperature being too hot or too cold which would affect your core temperature and as a result your ability to have a sound sleep.

    The tips above should help you to relax the mind and the body and allow you get a better sleep. However if you are still having trouble achieving a deep sleep then try to incorporate some breathing excersises to help you relax more before sleep.
    Deep Breathing to relax
    Breathing excercises as a part of meditation
    • Take one breath in as you count to four
    • hold your breath for 10 seconds
    • then slowly release your breath while counting to six
    • repeat this excercise several times
    to help you relax and lower your heart rate in readiness for you to drift into a deep sleep
    You will need to practice these pointers so you can find out what works for you
    I hope that by using these techiques you will be able to get a better sleep before your matches and your tennis game improves as result.

    Enjoy playing tennis, the game of a lifetime.

    Coach Steve